Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anniversary gift

I made this as a gift to myself and my husband we are celebrating 14 wonderful years of wedded bliss on July 1st and instead of another card this is what I did.
I got an old window from a friend that remolded their home (to the point of it almost being totally new) but they did use the original plans I believe the house was built in the 20s and so the wooden window has been around a while. I figure with everyone talking about being "green" this would be my way of doing just that, I would find a new use for this old window!
I figured what a better way then make it part of my decor
(I have a Americana/primitives/western thing going) I have another window that has panes that I made into a large picture frame and put all the "old west" photos that we have had taken over the years. I used the Cricut and DS to make my stencils then I used Windex to help place them on the glass (thanks to my hubby, who said that is what they do when putting decals on motorcycles) other wise let me tell you this would have been crazy hard! I know that I have seen where others use transfer tape and that might work too but hard to work with what i had on hand so Windex it was. I was going to etch the scrolls as well but I thought that it might need something to break it up so I just used the vinyl right on the glass (let me tell you the Windex really came in handy for these!) I knew what wall I wanted this to go on and since it is white I got some fabric and stapled it to the back side to help the letters show up better. My hubby loves when you turn the light on above this cause it leaves a Shadow of the letters and looks pretty cool. The hubby was a huge help when it came to hanging this as well, it is on our stairs and so it was not an easy job to hang it.


Papertrails by a paper lover said...

First- love this anniversary gift for your husband! How beautiful it it! Second-thank you for stopping by my blog and for the lovely words. I truly appreciate it!

Judy said...

Nice anniversary gift and nice blog I have a blog award for you :)

Sheri said...

This is genius! I really do love it! You've inspired me try a little glass etching one day too! Thanks so much for the blog award too. You made my day! {{{hugs}}}

Enfys said...

This is stunning, what a fabulous way to recycle. Funnily enough I was watching one of the house remodelling programmes the other day on TV here in the UK, and they did just this, except that yours is much much better :)
En x