Sunday, June 14, 2009

Travel Scrapbook

This here is the 1st of many "travel" scrapbooks that I plan to make I made this one for my mother in law for her birthday she and her husband plan on taking a trip across the USA this summer I highlighted a few places they plan on stopping.

since we have moved to a few different state over the past 6 years or so I have several sets of plates from several states! I thought this was a good way to recycle them!
you always need a place to start! paper is Basic grey

they plan on staying in the back of their truck (they have a nice little bed made up in the back) in camp ground for most of the time and then doing the motel thing when they have to have a "real" bed
they plan on hitting several national parks so you know they are going to see some animals!

this should cover places like Dead Wood or Tombstone. I love this paper! and the sign is wood (Karen Foster I think) love my Cricut and my OA Cart! used the Cuttle Bug for the corners
Cricut again, with a nice little tag for extra pix or journal space
a little picture mat and on the right is a pocket for more pix or notes
simple page
here are 2 pockets for post cards, I told her to collect them and do her journaling on them then she will not have to try and remember everything at the end basic page says friends so if they meet some friends along the way or if they do make it all the way to New York to see her sisters she can put those pix here
and a final pocket for extras
PLEASE leave a comment I plan to make up some more of these to sell on my Etsy site and would love any feed back you all have!


Joy said...

Your travel scrapbooks are WONDERFUL!!! I love the idea of using a license plate for the cover. How thoughtful and memorable.


Jackie said...

Love your travel book. I make them too, but how did you round the corners of the tag? Usually I just sand mine, but they're still a little sharp. I also like how you binded it all together. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.