Saturday, June 20, 2009

Commissioned Fathers Day cards

I really love how this one came out! you know when you have an idea and it just comes together (I love it when that happens) I do not know much about golf and have no golf stuff in my stash so, I called my good friend Kala to ask her she sent me some golf clip art. Then I guess I got the wheels rolling in her head cause she called me back with this prefect sentiment! after hearing what she had and looking at the clip art I thought who I can just make a round card! then the rest sort of fell into place!

I know, I know when I get an idea in my head it sort of sticks for a while. Along with the round cards I am hung up on this one as well. I am also so in love with these
Dustin Pike images when my friend asked me to make a "handy man" card I knew just where to go! I love that you can just go online and get these no running around and within minutes you can be making your card! I used the pencils and the odorless mineral spirits. Also these great "eyelets" that look like screws they really have some weight to them as well really neat I need to start looking for some more getting low!

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LuvinmyLabs said...

Very cute cards!! I gave you a "Lovely Blog Award". Go to my blog to receive it!!