Saturday, February 28, 2009

Play time @ play land

This LO is for my sons book this was the 1st Birthday party that he was invited to. It was for the daughter of one of my coworkers and it was at McDonald's so I knew that he would have fun.
I love the look of the hinges I was never sure what I would do with them when I saw them on my FF cart but I though I would try this and I love the way it came out! I read all the time about how you should write on your kids LO but I hate the way it looks with my writing, but after coming across a few letters that my mom wrote to me over the years I could see how the kids might like to have samples of my writing so I am always looking for way to do it with out messing up the LO (which is how I feel when I see my writing) so this way you just lift up the photo and can see what is written underneathThis picture also lifts up but there is nothing under it at this time might add something later

Christmas cards

The picture is of my 2 kids, Santa and his helper Taunie my daughter knows and loves Taunie and would not go near Santa so I was glad that he had a helper that day so that I could get both of my kids picture with "Santa"

Ok Ok I know we are all pretty much over this but I still wanted to share what I came up with if there is anything that you want to know about them let me know otherwise just take a look at the pix and let me know what you think!

wow so crazy

Ok so I have been gone for a bit but trying to get back into things I have a few things that I am going to post now to try and get caught up so forgive the random!

Well part of the reason that I have been away is cause, my husband and I have been trying to loose some weight and eat better. Working towards be more healthy, not only for our selves but for our kids as well.
Roger (my husband) started about a month before me he is so great about these things he has been my inspiration through all of this. He has lost around 50 pound since the beginning of December! I joined him in the pursuit of being healthy on January 9th. I have been working out and eating better with a little help from the Alli pill. I t works great and really helps to keep me on track. I have lost close to 20 pounds and 14.5 inches since starting! I do the Biggest Looser weight loss Yoga and let me tell you it is a work out! I would recommend it to anyone want to get some great tone! I cannot believe how much it has helped me!
ok well enough of that I will try and be better about posting things as I get the time to do them and such I hope you enjoy what I have manages to get done int eh last few months since I posted last!