Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anniversary gift

I made this as a gift to myself and my husband we are celebrating 14 wonderful years of wedded bliss on July 1st and instead of another card this is what I did.
I got an old window from a friend that remolded their home (to the point of it almost being totally new) but they did use the original plans I believe the house was built in the 20s and so the wooden window has been around a while. I figure with everyone talking about being "green" this would be my way of doing just that, I would find a new use for this old window!
I figured what a better way then make it part of my decor
(I have a Americana/primitives/western thing going) I have another window that has panes that I made into a large picture frame and put all the "old west" photos that we have had taken over the years. I used the Cricut and DS to make my stencils then I used Windex to help place them on the glass (thanks to my hubby, who said that is what they do when putting decals on motorcycles) other wise let me tell you this would have been crazy hard! I know that I have seen where others use transfer tape and that might work too but hard to work with what i had on hand so Windex it was. I was going to etch the scrolls as well but I thought that it might need something to break it up so I just used the vinyl right on the glass (let me tell you the Windex really came in handy for these!) I knew what wall I wanted this to go on and since it is white I got some fabric and stapled it to the back side to help the letters show up better. My hubby loves when you turn the light on above this cause it leaves a Shadow of the letters and looks pretty cool. The hubby was a huge help when it came to hanging this as well, it is on our stairs and so it was not an easy job to hang it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Commissioned Fathers Day cards

I really love how this one came out! you know when you have an idea and it just comes together (I love it when that happens) I do not know much about golf and have no golf stuff in my stash so, I called my good friend Kala to ask her she sent me some golf clip art. Then I guess I got the wheels rolling in her head cause she called me back with this prefect sentiment! after hearing what she had and looking at the clip art I thought who I can just make a round card! then the rest sort of fell into place!

I know, I know when I get an idea in my head it sort of sticks for a while. Along with the round cards I am hung up on this one as well. I am also so in love with these
Dustin Pike images when my friend asked me to make a "handy man" card I knew just where to go! I love that you can just go online and get these no running around and within minutes you can be making your card! I used the pencils and the odorless mineral spirits. Also these great "eyelets" that look like screws they really have some weight to them as well really neat I need to start looking for some more getting low!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tinker Bell Birthday card

I made this card for my daughter to take to a party on Saturday I have been waiting to have a good reason to use my 2 new carts and this was it!
I used design studio to weld the card together the cupcake is from Home Decor and is 5 1/2 by 5 with Tinker Bell sitting on top (she is 5 1/2 by 8) and I used a Square from Plantin School books I then layered the cupcake with some "chip board" to help make it stand up (cutting it in blackout like the base) I then layered the colored parts after inking with antique linen, distress ink. I then layered the base of Tinker over the top of the blackout that I weld to the cupcake , layering up from there and using chalks to shade. added a little ribbon and a button with a J for the spacial little girl who this is for.

The inside say Pixie Perfect Birthday using several differant stamps

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monkey fathers day card

Here is the card that I made for my father in law it is another Dustin Pike. I colored the image using color pencils and the odorless mineral spirits. I used some of my many buttons. I got the idea for the cards from Designing with Michelle she has just amazing idea's really like her work!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lola Birthday card

I love this Lola she is so cute and I am really liking doing the round cards! the paper is Heidi Grace which is wonderful (love the pink and Brown) I used CDS to make the round card, the Fiskars punch and some chip board ribbon and bling. There is also some Diamond glaze on her drink. I left the inside blank cause this was a card for Kala Cota to give her daughter for her 21st birthday and she wanted to do the sentiment on the inside

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Travel Scrapbook

This here is the 1st of many "travel" scrapbooks that I plan to make I made this one for my mother in law for her birthday she and her husband plan on taking a trip across the USA this summer I highlighted a few places they plan on stopping.

since we have moved to a few different state over the past 6 years or so I have several sets of plates from several states! I thought this was a good way to recycle them!
you always need a place to start! paper is Basic grey

they plan on staying in the back of their truck (they have a nice little bed made up in the back) in camp ground for most of the time and then doing the motel thing when they have to have a "real" bed
they plan on hitting several national parks so you know they are going to see some animals!

this should cover places like Dead Wood or Tombstone. I love this paper! and the sign is wood (Karen Foster I think) love my Cricut and my OA Cart! used the Cuttle Bug for the corners
Cricut again, with a nice little tag for extra pix or journal space
a little picture mat and on the right is a pocket for more pix or notes
simple page
here are 2 pockets for post cards, I told her to collect them and do her journaling on them then she will not have to try and remember everything at the end basic page says friends so if they meet some friends along the way or if they do make it all the way to New York to see her sisters she can put those pix here
and a final pocket for extras
PLEASE leave a comment I plan to make up some more of these to sell on my Etsy site and would love any feed back you all have!

Monster truck Birthday card

This is the 1st Dustin Pike image that I have use and let me tell you I am a fan! I will be using more of his work! If you have not seen his work before please check out his site. I made this for my nephew that just turned 20 this week! (I think that I am too young to have one this old but oh well;) I used CM pens to color the image and Diamond glaze on the windows. The sentiment was something my friend Kala Cota came up with for me (she always amazes me with her words) The inside says "Hope you have a monster of a Birthday"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

quick and easy thank you cards

Here are some quick and easy thank you cards that I made up to thank several of my wonderful friends for celebrating my birthday with me, As well as for their wonderful and thoughtful gifts! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!