Friday, May 2, 2008

Sour patch kids

Ok so I have had this LO in mind for quite some time I have to say that I have a lot of fun scraping photos of my kids with Grandpa Jim he is so animated and you can tell that the kids have alot of fun when they are around him! These photos were taken when Grandpa Jim and Grandma Paula came to see us In Idaho after Sydney was born. Jim hate anything sour but being the good grandpa that he is was willing to let Ty feed him sour patch kids. Since we lost Grandma Paula to cancer last May it is always hard to scrap any pictures with her in them and not feel a little sad, but see what great pictures these were and how happy they all are it is a bit hard to be to sad! Just knowing that our lives were blessed by her, even if it was not long enough, is still better than never knowing her at all!


Enfys said...

Hi Davia, Just popped by to see your new blog, it's great, and I love this LO, the colours are really fresh and zingy. I'll be back..............Enfys x

michelle said...

Congratulations Davia on your new blog !! i love this layout i agree with Enfy's very fresh and bright fabulous job and i love your creations you posted below i will link you to my blog so i can pop back more often !!!