Monday, May 5, 2008

Jim's Birthday card

Ok so I had the challenge of creating a Birthday card for my father in law, I am sure that you all know that it seems like more of a challenge to make cards for guys, and you want to make something that they will like and you just never know.... So I asked his girlfriend what she thought, and she suggested a motor home card since they are going to be taking a trip to New york at the end of the month. But since the Going places cart is still on the wish list rather than in inventory ;) I had to find something else. When I saw the covered wagon on the paper dolls cart I knew what I had to do. You see we live in Oregon and since my father in law came out west form New York many years ago it just seemed prefect! I used the "rub on" idea from the Cricut MB I also used my wonderful Design Studio

this is what I came up with


Jenny said...

I love this card!!! I just got the DS and I love Shaped Cards! I also think that what you wrote is so perfect!!! The chalking adds so much! Great Card!!!!

Tina said...

That card is sooo cool!! You did an awesome job!