Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quiz Time

Ok before i had a passion for paper crafting I had a passion for the show Buffy the vampire slayer! and then Angel ! I own all of the Angel series thanks to a very wonderful husband and am only missing the 6th season of Buffy! I watch or rather listen to these all the time while I am paper crafting so I thought I would share a little but of my crazy passion for these shows with you since I am in a bit of a creative slump at the time being! So here is a quick Little quiz that you can take for fun! straight from the Buffy the pop quiz book! ( I know I am dork)

1. what is Buffy's last name?

2. Name the woman who brought Buffy into this world

3. name the one scary guy who took her out of it (okay, only for a minute)

4. what is Buffy's fathers name

5. Buffy's mother works in what kind of establishment?

6. what does Buffy's dad do for a living?

7. where did Buffy go to school before coming to Sunnydale?

8. Why was she kicked out of her previous school?

9. who was Buffy's watcher before Giles?

10. Buffy's middle name is a lot more common than her first what is it?

11. You see Buffy's house all the time but what is the address?

12. As a child Buffy wished she could be which ice skating champ?

13. What does Buffy sleep in?

14. What is the name of Buffy's stuffed pig?

15. According to vocational testing Buffy should be in what field?

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